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Technology, respect for the nature and safety

Mediclinic considers the use of advanced technologies, the respect for the nature and the safety as essential values for the medical assistance.

Starting from the beginning, MediClinic has been particularly careful not only to the patient health, but also to the environmental health.

For this reason, the clinic adopted the highest advanced technologies, which can make the diagnostic activity more effective for the patient and more respectful for the environment.

Furthermore, the clinic's coatings make the indoor environment healthier: the ACTIVE tiles, made of Flanders Granite, emanate anti-bacterial active oxygen when lighted up by the sunlight and we painted all the other surfaces with silver salt paints, produced by Sikkens Alpha SanoProtex, that allow the clinic's constant asepticity.

Quality policy and goals

MediClinic implements the Quality Management System, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The main services are: outpatient multi-specialty services, medical imaging, specimen collecting room (with an in-service analytical laboratory), rehabilitation and outpatient surgical activities.

MediClinic's quality policy, through the identification of clear objectives and processes, is the guideline for all collaborators who contribute to the improvement of the service quality and therefore to the patient’s satisfaction.

The Management considers adopting a correct policy of pivotal importance both for the constant quality improvement and for the utter fulfillment of our mission. Our goals must be achieved by providing quality services and ensuring their effectiveness, and guaranteeing the economic balance between costs and revenues.

The Management pledges to guarantee suitable services under a clinical point of view, respecting human dignity, by ensuring the confidentiality of information and proper knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of all diagnostic and therapeutic services that are provided.

MediClinic aims to pursue the following goals:
  • guaranteeing transparent and simple access to our services; reservations can be made at the front desk, by calling our switchboard or from our website;
  • continuously improving the quality of our services thanks to a strategic plan defined by the Health-care Management and to the suggestions made directly by our patients;
  • constantly innovating thanks to cutting-edge technologies, but always respecting the environment, safety and the fundamental health-care values;
  • promoting and developing collaborations with universities, public and private institutions, Italian and American insurance companies, organizing conferences, conventions and refresher courses;
  • promoting and developing collaborations of excellence with the best national and international specialists.

The Chairperson’s Letter

Building an excellent health care facility during the world-wide economic crisis was a big challenge. As for the spending review, everyone was trying to spare money. It was right during this period the me and my team decided to create a new healthcare model, where sensitivity for the patient, efficiency and professional quality could be within everyone’s reach.

I hope that Mediclinic can become the meeting point for the best national and international doctors and that the research and focused evaluation that lasted for 5 years can receive a positive feedback from the citizens.

Mediclinic means clinic of doctors. We hope that our professionals can transform Mediclinic in one of the best world-wide scientific realities and that they can teach to the youngest doctors their knowledges. Now this dream came true and I hope that all the users can appreciate it. We accept every constructive criticism that can further improve our facility.

The Chairperson
Giancarlo Zanchi

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