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Customer Relations Office

The Customer Relations Office, located in the Medical Director Department, is a listening point at the service of users who wish to present commendations, suggestions, comments and complaints.

  1. the personal data of the interested party (name, surname, address and telephone number)
  2. an adequate description of the reported event
  3. the complainant's signature

MediClinic is committed to reply on the basis of an internal investigation within 90 days from the reception of the complaint. More detailed information may possibly be requested from the Medical Director Department.

How to request an appointment

The reception staff will provide detailed information on the times of specialist services, their costs, names of the doctors and waiting times.

Access to outpatient, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical activities takes place upon reservation:

  1. by telephone, through the switchboard number +39 0429 772906
  2. directly at MediClinic’s front desk
  3. online from the service portal

Cancelation of reservations is possible through the above-mentioned options.

Some specialist services require adequate preparation, which will be communicated at the time of booking. It is possible to read all the information regarding the exam or consult by consulting the appropriate form in the Services section of this site.

MediClinic guarantees equality in the provision of consults and exams also to patients from other regions and other states. For more information, these Users can contact the administrative staff. Upon access to the facility, both for admission and for individual diagnostic-therapeutic services, the patient should bring:

  1. health insurance card
  2. Italian Fiscal Code (if available)
  3. a valid identity document
  4. all the pertinent past medical findings (medical records, diagnostic tests, prescriptions of past therapies), certifying any ongoing therapy.

Users can access the services provided by MediClinic only in a private regime.

Terms of payment

  1. Cash (for amounts up to € 2,999.99)
  2. Credit Card / POS (excluding American express)
  3. Check
  4. Bank transfer
  5. Deferred payment with credit card

Before surgery

The waiting list for surgery is managed by the same physician who performed the specialist consult and provided indication for surgery.

The user has the full right to receive all the clarifications that he or she deems appropriate, by both medical and nursing staff according to their respective skills.

Surgeries and invasive procedures require the collection of the informed consent: after an appropriate interview, the specialist doctor verifies the user's understanding of the obtained information and collects the consent on specific forms (a general consent and a specific consent, as required by current legislation).

Admission is always performed on an outpatient basis and thanks to the innovative technologies and the competence of the health personnel, it allows the user to be safely discharged on the same day of surgery. The preoperative evaluation (blood chemistry exam, radiological tests, anesthesiological evaluation and any further tests required by the specialist doctor) is performed at MediClinic approximately one week before surgery.

While at MediClinic, carers can make use of dedicated waiting rooms, with greater privacy and a more effective proximity and care for their loved ones. At the time of discharge, a detailed clinical report will be issued to the patient, addressed to the attending physician, which includes the results of the preoperative evaluation, the surgical procedure undergone by the patient, any post- operative indications and therapy. It is also possible to ask the administrative staff for a copy of the medical record (paid service). Even after discharge, specialist doctors follow the patient for a correct post-operative and collaborate with the general practitioner to ensure continuity of care and appropriate treatment.

Medical reports

  1. Outpatient consults: at the time of the visit
  2. Radiology exam: 4 to 5 days
  3. Laboratory exams: 1 to 5 days for routine exams to a maximum of 10 days for more complex exams
  4. Medical record: 30 days after receiving the patient’s request; the withdrawal of the folder can be performed by the person concerned or, with authorization, by a delegate
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