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Responsible behavior

When accessing MediClinic, users are invited to behave responsibly at any time, respecting and understanding the rights of other users.

Collaboration with the medical staff

The user is asked to collaborate with the medical, nursing, technical staff and with the management of the facility. Access to MediClinic expresses by the user a relationship of trust and respect towards healthcare personnel, an indispensable prerequisite for setting up a correct therapeutic and care program. The user has the duty to provide clear and precise information about his or her health condition, past admissions and therapies performed.

Refusal of treatment

Every patient has the duty to promptly inform the health professionals of their intention to refuse scheduled health services and treatments to avoid waste of time and resources.

Respect for the environment

Every user is required to respect the environments, equipment and furnishings that are located within MediClinic, considering the same assets as belonging to everyone and therefore to them as well.

Respect the operating hours

Each MediClinic user is called to respect the visiting hours established by the Medical Management, in order to allow the execution of the normal therapeutic assistance activity and to promote the peace and rest of other patients. The organization and times provided by MediClinic must be respected in all circumstances. The health services requested in incorrect times and ways cause a significant disservice for all users.

Visits to patients

For hygienic and sanitary reasons, it is essential to avoid crowding around the bed. To protect children’s health and safety, visits by minors under the age of twelve are not recommended. Exceptional situations of particular emotional impact can be considered by contacting the medical staff of the department. In situations of particular need, visits inpatients, outside the set time, must be authorized with written permission issued by the Medical Director or by a person delegated by him. In this case, the authorized family member must comply with the rules of the clinic and respect the hospital environment, while promoting maximum collaboration with health professionals. In consideration of being part of a community, it is appropriate to avoid any behaviour that could create disturbing or uncomfortable situations for other patients (noises, high-volume music, etc.). It is a duty to respect the rest of other patients. For those wishing to carry out any recreational activities, the living rooms located inside the structure are available.

No smoking

At MediClinic smoking is prohibited. Respect for this provision is an act of acceptance of the presence of others and a healthy personal lifestyle in the structure.

Respect the paths reserved for patients

It is appropriate for patients and visitors to move within MediClinic using the paths reserved for them, directly reaching the sites of interest. The health personnel, as far as they are concerned, are invited to enforce the rules set out for the good performance of the ward and the well-being of the citizen. The user has the right to receive correct information on the organization of MediClinic, but it is also his/her precise duty to inquire about appropriate times and locations.

Use of mobile phones

Users are forbidden from using mobile phones inside the doctor’s office, hospital rooms, operating block and diagnostic rooms.

Prohibition of photographic shots / filmmaking

Users are prohibited from filming people, environments and equipment within MediClinic with movie cameras, cameras or cell phones, unless specifically requested by the Medical Management.

Compliance with safety rules

The patient has a duty to comply with all safety warning signs. The security provisions in force include:

  1. the duty not to access areas where access is expressly prohibited
  2. the duty not to leave the place of destination without authorization
  3. the duty not to approach or touch electrical equipment
  4. in case of alarm, it is necessary to follow the instructions received from the staff. If it is necessary to evacuate the clinic, the nearest emergency exits must be identified and the collection point in the parking lot must be reached.
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