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Sexuality is a central feature in the life of a human being and it is one of the most important and fundamental ways of expression.

Sexual counseling is a supportive activity that can help people in difficulty to assimilate their knowledge and transform it into a satisfactory lifestyle; it takes into account aspects related to sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, intimacy, reproduction and it is influenced by the interaction of many factors including biological, psychological and social factors.

The sexual counselor is a specially trained professional whose function is reducing discomfort and enhancing sexual well-being, both for couples and for individuals.

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Sexual counseling explores aspects of sexual well-being, especially during delicate and more difficult periods of one's life, such as:

  • adolescence and puberty, helping both parents and children to face this period of change and development in the best way;
  • pregnancy and puerperium, supporting the new parents in this period of transformation affecting the couple and the body, rediscovering a new sexuality and restructuring the couple relationship;
  • menopause and andropause, facing physiological changes and rediscovering a new sexuality in the third age;
  • surgeries, helping both the individual and the couple to deal with possible consequences on sexual functioning;
  • sexual dysfunctions such as disorders related to hyposexuality, excitement and orgasm in both men and women;
  • interruptions of pregnancy, infertility and medically assisted procreation, helping the couple to face the various possible paths;
  • a couple and/or parental crisis, restructuring the relationship in the light of the difficulties discussed during the consultation and facilitating communication between the partners.

Why choose MediClinic

Successful sexual counseling often requires teamwork between different specialties, including gynecology, andrology and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

At MediClinic, the patient will be followed by a group of experts at 360°, integrating the treatment of biological aspects with psychological and rehabilitation aspects, with the aim of improving the quality of life from a sexological point of view.

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