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Urology and Andrology

The Urology and Andrology Department in MediClinic provides consultations, diagnosis, therapies and specialized assistance to patients affected by pathologies at the male genitourinary system. The aim of the departments is to threat pathologies that affect kidneys, bladder, prostate, ureter and genitals. A precocious diagnosis is essential to solve the problems.

Our urologists and andrologists have the experience and the knowledges to handle these pathologies in the best way and to provide to patients the necessary support to hinder them.

Who should schedule this appointment?

The Urology and Andrology department treats patients affected by urogenital benignant pathologies (calculus, incontinence, urinary disorders, infertility) or malignant pathologies (prevention and treatment of prostate, bladder and renal cancers).

How will the treatment process happen?

Urological and andrological consult

It is a conversation with the physician and a medical consult, without the aid of instrumental exams.


It includes a conversation, a medical consult and some instrumental exams that can clarify the symptoms declared by the patient. With the check-up, the physician can produce a precise and rapid diagnosis. The key factors of the check-up are: time and money savings and diagnostic accuracy.

Instrumental exams

The Urology and Andrology Department is equipped with innovative devices to perform the main instrumental exams (trans-rectal ultrasound, uroflowmetry, scrotal and dynamic penis color doppler ultrasound). According to the deontological code, patients coming from other health care facilities can perform in MediClinic the instrumental exams and get immediately the report, without performing a first consult.


Follow-up could happen with or without instrumental exams.

Why choose MediClinic?

The Urology and Andrology Department is equipped with the most innovative devices (latest-generation ultrasound scanners, uroflowmetry devices, color doppler ultrasound scanners and flexible cystoscopes) and it is coordinated by the experienced Prof. Leonardi.

When necessary, the department can collaborate with other physician in MediClinic (Radiology, Cardiology, Nutrition, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation). The multidisciplinary approach guarantees to the patient to receive an excellent care.

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