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Colorectal surgery

Colorectal Surgery deals with disorders of rectum and colon (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas, rectal prolapse, pilonidal cysts, anal warts, hydradenitis suppurativa). The surgical procedures are performed at the modern MediClinic operating block, with a short period of post-operative observation.

HeLP Treatment

HeLP (laser) is a painless treatment for haemorrhoids, which does not cause pain during nor after the operation. Haemorrhoidal diseases can present various stages of severity and different symptoms. These parametres determine what procedure to follow: a first proctological visit will establish if a laser treatment is necessary, which can also be performed on the same day.

The haemorrhoid treatment with the HeLP technique is always performed in the operating room, in the presence of the anaesthesiologist who sedates the patient for ten minutes, as for a simple colonoscopy, to ensure utter safety and comfort. The patient will be able to leave the clinic within a couple of hours after the surgery (accompanied, driving is not recommended). After the first 2 days of rest, daily activities can gradually be resumed.

Being the procedure very little invasive, it can be repeated in case of exacerbation of the pathology.


At MediClinic it is possible to undergo all the surgical procedures concerning colorectal conditions (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas, rectum prolapse, pilonidal cysts, anal warts, hydradenitis suppurativa). For the hemorrhoidal pathology, two other types of intervention are available, in case the HeLP technique is not possible:

  • Longo procedure (which does remove the hemorrhoids) is indicated in particular for patients who have a prolapse of the rectal mucous membrane, and who do not have 4th degree hemorrhoids. A week after surgery, the patient can return to work.
  • Traditional surgery involves the use of a radiofrequency scalpel that cuts and "welds" the tissues without the need for stitches, with a working temperature of 70°C. Compared to traditional techniques, this procedure reduces the healing time and limits pain as the patient can return to work in 15-20 days.

After the procedure, the patient will continue the recovery phase with the administration of analgesics that help keeping the post-operative pain under control.

Why choose MediClinic

When accessing MediClinic's Special Department for Colorectal Surgery, the patient is subjected to an accurate review of the medical history and disorders encountered. Subsequently, the specialist performs a physical examination that represents the central element of the colorectal consult. The specialist performs an anal exam, an anoscopy and a rectoscopy, through a specific instrument for the observation of the first 15-20 cm of the anal region and rectum. Small outpatient procedures can also be performed, as the removal of small hemorrhoids, hypertrophic papillae and fissures. If the specialist recommends further diagnostic investigations, the patient is referred to the Digestive Endoscopy service, where a colonoscopy will be performed.

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