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Water Therapy

The beneficial effect of physical therapy performed in water is widely documented by the scientific community. Water therapy is a valid support in the treatment path of the most varied conditions. This is why MediClinic is equipped with a swimming pool for modern water therapy, capable of satisfying the needs of all physical therapy professionals and patients. The swimming pool is 12 meters wide and 10 meters long and the water is 1.20 meters deep. The swimming pool is also accessible to disabled patients and patients with walking problems thanks to the specially designed ramp.

Who could benefit from this service?

Water therapy is recommended for all patients who, based on the indications of the physical medicine specialist, the physical therapist or other specialists, can benefit from a water therapy program. Water therapy is recommended to patients with different conditions, ranging from those affecting the musculoskeletal system to balance disorders related to conditions affecting the inner ear. The water temperature of 32-34 °C allows the treatment of any type of condition:

  • Orthopedic diseases: hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis, patients with spinal problems and patients who recently underwent shoulder surgery
  • Neurological pathologies: paraplegic and quadriplegic patients but also children with pathologies related to the central nervous system (e.g. infantile cerebral palsy). The water temperature is particularly important in these cases because it promotes muscle relaxation.

Why choose MediClinic?

MediClinic’s swimming pool has been optimized to perform therapies as effectively as possible. The rehabilitation pool is characterized by a specific sound-absorbing panel, very useful for communicating with patients who perform physical therapy in the pool. The window, positioned along one of the edges of the swimming pool, allows specialist staff to evaluate the movement of the patient working inside the water. The staff can thus verify the correct performance of the exercises, guaranteeing an adequate rehabilitation. Finally, the pool is combined with an additional therapy area with a vascular path.

Kneipp treatment

The Kneipp treatment is a water treatment that, thanks to the stimulation of the blood circulation of the entire leg, improves the vascular supply of organs, epidermis, nerve centers, and helps strengthen the immune system. The Kneipp treatment consists of a cold and hot alternating path that induces a vasodilation-vasoconstriction exercise that is very useful in all vascular conditions, including those involving lymphatic stagnation (lymphedema). Baths at a temperature not over 21°C are vasoconstrictors and therefore are suitable for those suffering from capillary fragility or varicose veins. These are called cold baths. As the temperature raises, the effect of water therapy treatment varies. Alternating immersion of the legs in hot and cold water, on the other hand, has a particularly relaxing and calming effect. This occurs thanks to the fact that cold water narrows the pores, while warm water, by capillarity, dilates them: therefore the tissues oxygenate and regenerate. The benefits of the Kneipp treatment extend to the whole body and mind, providing a feeling of lightness and complete natural well-being.

MediClinic's activities and courses

MediClinic offers a series of pool activities aimed at all users who do not have specific rehabilitation goals:

  • conditioning and toning exercises for legs, stomach and gluteal muscles
  • high intensity and toning aerobic training through the use of movements
  • careful and light conditioning and toning exercises, for every muscle areas: particularly suitable for those with arthritic problems
  • conditioning and toning exercises for every muscle areas with the help of different tools (floating dumbbells, anklets, gloves), final stretching


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