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Functional Reeducation and Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a fundamental phase for overcoming many conditions. Too often this aspect is neglected by specialists and by the patients themselves, who have to then face the relapse of the condition because of an absent or uncorrect physical therapy plan.

MediClinic has decided to create a cutting-edge physical therapy service, both from a technical and technological point of view, and in the patient care and organizational approach. The invested resources have enabled MediClinic to set up one of the most modern physical therapy services available today, equipped with top-notch machines for instrumental therapies. The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and the swimming pool, built with innovative materials, has been designed to facilitate the interaction between the physical therapist and the patient. Finally, MediClinic physical therapists are selected based on experience, which must be proven and significant, and on the skills specialization.

Who could benefit from this service?

MediClinic's Functional Reeducation and Physical Therapy service is aimed at all patients who need specialized and customized programs for the treatment of traumatic or degenerative diseases and for those who need to recover after undergoing surgery on the musculoskeletal system.

MediClinic has also developed a special path for athletes, professional and amateurs, with the main aim to guarantee a prompt recovery after injuries or in case of specific conditions. The staff is committed to assist patients performing sporting activities based on their needs: the focus is not only on the functional reeducation, but also on the understanding of each patient’s need to return to obtain excellent sporting results even after a trauma or serious conditions.


The functional reeducation and physical therapy path begins with a consult performed by the orthopedics or physical medicine specialist. During this consultation, a personalized physical therapy program is developed which can consist of both instrumental therapies and rehabilitation sessions in the gym or swimming pool. The path may include the following types of therapies.

Instrumental therapy

Instrumental therapy consists in the use of special devices that make use of the energy present in nature, such as massaged and immersed ultrasound, iontophoresis (anti-inflammatory therapy), antalgic electrotherapy (TENS and biodynamic currents), electrostimulation currents for muscle reinforcement (faradic currents, currents with triangular waves for denervated muscles, rectangular currents for normally innervated muscles). Among the excellence of MediClinic in this area we find in particular:

  • Focused shock waves: very powerful waves capable of reaching structures located at different depths, according to the patient's needs; this treatment can start after performing the muscle-tendon ultrasound in order to accurately assess the distance to be reached
  • The high power Neodymium YAG laser, which allows the physical therapist to tackle three different aspects: analgesic therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy, high power therapy (up to 25 Watts) that allow the body to regenerate tissues (injuries and muscle tears, e.g. at the shoulder and elbow level, tendon and insertional lesions)
  • The DIATER 2 system for TECAR therapy, allows the physical therapist to work with both capacitive and resistive tools, applying a massaging force. While performing TECAR therapy, using a series of different straps for each type of joint, it is possible actively engage patients in muscle strengthening, joint mobilization and proprioceptive exercises
  • Magnetotherapy is particularly suitable for treating fractures, osteoporosis, inflammations or some muscle/skeletal conditions. It acts with a series of low frequency electromagnetic impulses that stimulate the regeneration of the membrane of some cells, restoring their potential and alleviating pain. MediClinic gives the possibility to rent the magnetotherapy device in order to be able to use it continuously and independently at home.
Manual therapy

Manual therapy is performed by the physical therapist, through massage that helps relax or reduce contractions, such as the Deep Transverse Cyriax massage that allows patients to relax a particularly contracted muscle (for example in piriformis syndrome and in evident contractures in the athlete). Another technique that can be offered for relaxation is myofibrolysis, which involves the insertion into the muscle of a series of hooks specifically made for the various areas that need to be treated.

Physical therapy equipments

MediClinic’s gym is equipped with modern devices that help the physical therapist develop an effective and suitable musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and motor physical therapy course customized to every patient’s needs. The gym is equipped with Technogym's innovative line of Kinesis equipment. The tools of the Kinesis series allow the therapist to adapt muscle and joint work to every athlete without the constraints of movement to which they are subjected with traditional tools. The cardio exercises are performed with absolutely state-of-the-art equipment.

Water Therapy

The water therapy area is equipped with the latest devices available, for example: water currents, a sound-absorbing panel to improve the communication between the physical therapist and the patient while in water and a dedicated entrance for the disabled patients. The water therapy path includes: a main swimming pool (12 × 10 m) with a counter-current swimming system and water features, a hydromassage area and a Kneipp treatment. Thanks to the presence of a large glass wall placed under the surface of the water, the staff is able to verify the correct execution of the exercises, guaranteeing a more effective rehabilitation. The Kneipp treatment, consisting of two parallel pools of hot and cold water, is a useful exercise and helps the vascularization of the lower limbs, improving the blood supply of the tissues and their drainage.

Virtual Rehabilitation

One of MediClinic's most notable excellences in the physical therapy field is virtual rehabilitation. Thanks to the presence of three virtual reality stations, athletes can optimize their recovery through technological elements that favor the integration between mental, brain and motor skills. This type of therapy, combined with postural analysis using Formetric 4D Spinometry, foot examination and gait analysis (study of walking), allows the patient to achieve results once unexpected.. Following a trauma or a condition, the athlete has the possibility to modify and gradually improve the athletic gesture, bringing it back to the original level or even improving it entirely. Virtual rehabilitation, which provides immediate visual feedback, allows patients to compare their personal athletic gesture with the ideal one, having the opportunity to correct it.

Why choose MediClinic?

At MediClinic it is possible to use particularly advanced technologies and treatments that are at the complete disposal of the patient's physical and psychophysical recovery, paying particular attention to the athlete's needs (physical therapy and muscle strengthening). The Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation center also makes use of the multidisciplinary collaboration between different Departments of the structure (such as Orthopedics, Physical medicine, ENT), favouring the direct communication between the therapist and the specialist who performed surgery. The machines in use at MediClinic allow the physical therapist to bring rehabilitation to a higher level of efficacy, monitoring the patient's status and therefore adapt therapies in real time.


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