Chirurgia plastica

Reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery

Thanks to the commitment of the international scientific community, in recent years reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery has developed increasingly effective techniques, tolerable by patients and economically affordable. This area of surgery is universally recognized as an integrated set of therapies often essential for patients to improve their self-image and thus achieve a more complete feeling of mental and physical well-being. MediClinic decided to offer a high-level reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery service to give patients the opportunity to correct congenital or trauma-related morphological and functional defects, skin tumors or certain degenerative diseases or to improve the outward appearance.

Who could benefit from this service?

The field of plastic surgery includes two different disciplines:

  • Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, which deals with all surgical procedures aimed at correcting morphological and / or functional alterations related to traumas, degenerative diseases, tumors, and / or congenital defects
  • Cosmetic Surgery, which is a set of procedures aimed at modifying and improving those characteristics of the body that do not fully satisfy the patient.

Types of procedures

In the field of reconstructive plastic surgery, MediClinic surgeons deal with facial malformations, such as cleft lip, chest malformations and congenital breast malformations. This group includes all cutaneous and subcutaneous malformations, treatment of skin tumors and surgical therapies for scar revisions (for example, sequelae of accident) and other secondary malformations.

In the field of cosmetic surgery, the offered procedures pertain to multiple body areas:

  • Face: Upper and lower blepharoplasty, face lift and mini-face lift, suspension face lift (techniques aimed at rejuvenating the face)
  • Breast: breast augmentation through the insertion of prosthesis, reduction mammoplasty to reduce its size or breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall: procedures that aim to modify the shape of the abdominal wall, for example following important weight loss or repeated deliveries, in order to bring the body silhouette back to a more correct condition
  • Liposculpture: the removal of excess fat in certain body areas, which can possibly also be transferred in other areas of the body (the fat taken from the thighs can for example be positioned at the level of the breast, thus avoiding the insertion of prostheses).

Breast surgery

The insertion of a prosthesis requires a procedure lasting about 60 minutes with definitive and immediate results. As per the transfer of adipose tissue, the procedure is longer and more complex, in some cases it needs to be repeated during several sessions, with an extension of the overall times. It is important to remember that prostheses are made up of inert and stable material (silicone), while the transfer of fat cells results in a more realistic effect, both visually and tactile.

Prostheses are a safe material for the body, but the technique that involves the transfer of fat from one area to the body to another area of the same body offers even greater safety, because it uses autologous material, that is to say, from the same individual.


At MediClinic it is possible to undergo various types of surgical procedures to obtain a face rejuvenation. Specialists can perform procedures that consist of inserting collagen, hyaluronic acid, collagen-like material, or even fat tissue at the level of the face.

Here it is possible to take advantage of innovative rejuvenation techniques, which use suspension threads inserted in the face to restore greater “freshness”.

The threads used last 2-3 years and are slowly and progressively reabsorbed by the body until they disappear. During this reabsorption phase, however, the material does not immediately disappear, but it is gradually transformed into a more compact fabric. The procedure can be performed without incisions, using special needles that allow the specialist to anchor the threads in specific points. Patients can return their normal daily life after 48 hours. This last method does not have the same duration and effectiveness as a surgical treatment, however if a patient prefers to completely avoid scarring and considers sufficient a moderate rejuvenation of 5-8 years, it is possible to use techniques that do not require incisions and with a post-operative course of only 2-3 days.

Innovative techniques for the use of adipose tissue

MediClinic’s surgeons have adopted an innovative technique of very recent development that uses autologous adipose tissue (i.e. from the same individual) for the correction of even important defects. This technique is still under study but has already achieved significant results and can be used, in selected cases, without any risk for the patient and has revolutionized the way in which adipose tissue is treated.

Until a few years ago fat tissue was considered a superfluous element, but this idea changed when it was noticed that it contains certain types of cells capable of regenerating themselves. Through special cannulas, the fat is removed and transferred into sterile containers, where it is left to settle to separate the fat cells from blood, serum, and fluids. The remaining fat cells are subsequently re-inserted into certain areas of the body (e.g. breast and / or certain areas of the face). However, the amount of fat that can be transferred and placed in a different body area must respect certain limitations, so that it can continue to live, being vascularized in the new location. Consequently, several sessions, repeated over time, may also be necessary.

Why choose MediClinic

Patients who undergo plastic surgery at MediClinic can count on the high professionalism and top-notch technologies. These elements guarantee that the most suitable reconstructive and cosmetic treatments are delivered to each single patient in maximum safety, only after a careful examination of the patient’s needs and objectives.

The latest generation operating theaters, the comfort of the rooms and the agility of the organization make the surgical experience the least traumatic possible. MediClinic has chosen professionals dedicated to innovation who, in addition to traditional procedures, can offer recently developed surgical techniques, which are less traumatic and at the same time more effective, both in terms of cosmetic results and duration.

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Reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery

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