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COVID-19: behavior standards

Behavior standards have been set up to limit to the minimum the users flow into our facility and to avoid crowds in our waiting rooms.

People will be able to enter provided they are wearing surgical masks.
Access to the structure is monitored by dedicated personnel and the “entrance” and “exit” directions by the main doors must be respected.

Access is not allowed to people with a temperature above 37.5°C (99°F)


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Mediclinic is a health care facility that was built and created to offer an effective and prompt medical service. We offer a wide range of services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment to take care of the body and the soul of our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visits to patients2022-09-01T07:41:25+00:00

For hygienic and sanitary reasons, it is essential to avoid crowding around the bed. To protect children’s health and safety, visits by minors under the age of twelve are not recommended. Exceptional situations of particular emotional impact can be considered by contacting the medical staff of the department.

In situations of particular need, visits inpatients, outside the set time, must be authorized with written permission issued by the Medical Director or by a person delegated by him. In this case, the authorized family member must comply with the rules of the clinic and respect the hospital environment, while promoting maximum collaboration with health professionals. In consideration of being part of a community, it is appropriate to avoid any behaviour that could create disturbing or uncomfortable situations for other patients (noises, high-volume music, etc.).

It is a duty to respect the rest of other patients. For those wishing to carry out any recreational activities, the living rooms located inside the structure are available.

Compliance with safety rules2022-09-01T07:43:39+00:00

The patient has a duty to comply with all safety warning signs. The security provisions in force include:

  1. the duty not to access areas where access is expressly prohibited
  2. the duty not to leave the place of destination without authorization
  3. the duty not to approach or touch electrical equipment
  4. in case of alarm, it is necessary to follow the instructions received from the staff. If it is necessary to evacuate the clinic, the nearest emergency exits must be identified and the collection point in the parking lot must be reached.
Medical reports2022-09-01T14:31:57+00:00
  1. Outpatient consults: at the time of the visit
  2. Radiology exam: 4 to 5 days
  3. Laboratory exams: 1 to 5 days for routine exams to a maximum of 10 days for more complex exams
  4. Medical record: 30 days after receiving the patient’s request; the withdrawal of the folder can be performed by the person concerned or, with authorization, by a delegate
Customer Relations Office2022-09-01T14:30:52+00:00

The Customer Relations Office, located in the Medical Director Department, is a listening point at the service of users who wish to present commendations, suggestions, comments and complaints.

  1. the personal data of the interested party (name, surname, address and telephone number)
  2. an adequate description of the reported event
  3. the complainant’s signature

MediClinic is committed to reply on the basis of an internal investigation within 90 days from the reception of the complaint. More detailed information may possibly be requested from the Medical Director Department.

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