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COVID-19 Emergency: behavior standards

Behavior standards have been set up to limit to the minimum the users flow into our facility and to avoid crowds in our waiting rooms.

People will be able to enter provided they are wearing surgical masks.
Access to the structure is monitored by dedicated personnel and the “entrance” and “exit” directions by the main doors must be respected.

Access is not allowed to:
– people with a temperature above 37.5°C (99°F);
– accompanying people, except for minors, fragile users, disabled users, non-self-sufficient users for whom only one accompanying person is allowed.

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Mediclinic is a health care facility that was built and created to offer an effective and prompt medical service. We offer a wide range of services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment to take care of the body and the soul of our patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use of mobile phones2022-09-01T07:42:24+00:00

Users are forbidden from using mobile phones inside the doctor’s office, hospital rooms, operating block and diagnostic rooms.

Medical reports2022-09-01T14:31:57+00:00
  1. Outpatient consults: at the time of the visit
  2. Radiology exam: 4 to 5 days
  3. Laboratory exams: 1 to 5 days for routine exams to a maximum of 10 days for more complex exams
  4. Medical record: 30 days after receiving the patient’s request; the withdrawal of the folder can be performed by the person concerned or, with authorization, by a delegate
Collaboration with the medical staff2022-09-01T07:46:49+00:00

The user is asked to collaborate with the medical, nursing, technical staff and with the management of the facility. Access to MediClinic expresses by the user a relationship of trust and respect towards healthcare personnel, an indispensable prerequisite for setting up a correct therapeutic and care program. The user has the duty to provide clear and precise information about his or her health condition, past admissions and therapies performed.

Responsible behavior2022-09-01T07:47:23+00:00

When accessing MediClinic, users are invited to behave responsibly at any time, respecting and understanding the rights of other users.

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  • MediClinic carries out all the preventive changes in order to prevent the Coronavirus, focusing its efforts in safeguarding patients and workers.

  • We start with the new service dedicated to COVID-19 rapid swab.

  • A new service dedicated to the COVID-19 rapid swab COMBO has been launched at MediClinic.

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