Virtual rehabilitation

Virtual Rehabilitation is an innovative physical therapy approach that can be applied in the sports field and beyond. MediClinic has adopted this method, based on the use of advanced technologies and on the maximum collaboration between patients and physical therapists, as it allows patients to achieve results that, in the past, were unexpected. Virtual Rehabilitation in fact gives patients the opportunity to re-educate the movement with more precision and at the same time it allows the physical therapist to monitor the progress of the rehabilitation program in real time and with the utmost precision, guaranteeing greater effectiveness than traditional programs.

The activity can be performed individually or in small groups (3-5 people), for a total of 15 2-hour sessions, 3 times a week.

Who could benefit from this service?

Virtual rehabilitation is specifically designed to help athletes, however everyone can benefit from it. Since the goal of this type of physical therapy is to re-educate the patient to perform complex gestures, the most suitable candidates are athletes, professionals and amateurs. Thanks to the Virtual Rehabilitation system, the physical therapist will be able to re-educate athletic gestures such as running, jumping or actions that include the use of tools, such as the tennis serve or the volleyball smash, more effectively and quickly. However, Virtual Rehabilitation is also suitable for walking and posture reeducation. MediClinic physical therapy specialists and professionals will recommend this specific treatment course to all those who can benefit from it.

What to expect?

Virtual rehabilitation is accomplished thanks to a complex system of sensors, measuring instruments and consoles. The system ensures maximum patient safety without exposing the user to damages deriving from radiation or other. Sensors are placed on the patient’s body and are connected to an apparatus that detects movement and reproduces it in real time, through 3-dimensional images displayed on special screens. These images activate a process of “biofeedback” (biological feedback), thanks to which the patient acquires greater awareness of the physiological functions (in this case the movements of the muscle and joints) and gradually becomes able to control them voluntarily.

Why choose MediClinic?

This approach is absolutely engaging for the patient who can evaluate, together with the physical therapist, the position of the limb that needs to be re-educated and then correct its movements in the most efficient way possible. Virtual rehabilitation allows patients to work individually with any joint, but also to analyze more complex movements such as walking, running and jumping, performing an in-depth analysis to identify the different phases of the movement and work on each of them. The physical therapist’s job is facilitated as patients have the opportunity to see their movements through the monitor and can therefore understand and immediately correct them. These elements favour a faster and more effective recovery based on objective assessments of patients’ progress.

Computerized spinometry

Computerized Spinometry is a non-invasive system for the objective evaluation of postural alterations of the spine, pelvis and lower limbs. The examination acts through an infrared system and reflective markers that project lights onto the patient’s body to examine postural alterations even in those affected by past trauma. In this way it is possible to verify the level of scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis obtaining objective numerical values, but also to detect any abnormal rotation and inclination of the pelvis as well as conditions affecting the spine due to postural alterations. These tests are performed both in a static and dynamic position by walking on a computerized platform. The conditions are investigated on the basis of the alterations of foot support and the load axis, also considering possible concurrent conditions such as hallux valgus, ligament calcification, tendinopathies.

Foot analysis and Gait Analysis

Spinometry is integrated with the foot and gait analysis that evaluates the foot support, any differences in foot load or lower limbs alterations. The results of these tests will allow the orthopedic technician present at the facility to create corrective insoles customized according to each patients’ condition.

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Virtual rehabilitation

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