Posizione ricoperta

Specialist in Radiodiagnostics

Esperienza professionale

Since 1991 competition and service at the U.S.L.L. n.28 of Legnago; until 1996.
Since 1996 competition and service at the S. Bortolo hospital in Vicenza.
Publications in collaboration with the pediatric surgery department.
In 2000 he resigned from the hospital and began freelance collaboration at the Villa Berica nursing home in Vicenza (mammo, eco, TC).
Closing of the relationship with the C.di Cura Villa Berica of Vicenza and in 2005 the beginning of a freelance relationship with Data Medica and Euganea Medica of Padua (mammo, CT, echo, rx).
From 2005 to 2010 collaboration in the mammography screening organized in Padua by prof. C. Di Maggio
Closing of the collaboration relationship with Data and Euganea Medica of Padua in 2012 and start of service at the ORAS hospital in Motta
of Livenza (TV); mammography with tomosynthesis from 2015 to today; participation in various working groups on the problems of mammographic screening (approximately 4,000 instrumental clinical breast exams/year).
Since 2013, a freelance relationship with the Porto Viro hospital (high-field MRI, CT, RX, etc.), still ongoing.
Since 2014 collaboration with the Breast Unit of the Montecchio Maggiore and Valdagno hospital directed by Dr. G. Meneghini; mammograms, screening and interventional; (around 9,000 mammograms per year).
Since 2018 RM with m.d.c. at the S.Donà di Piave hospital, still in progress.

Istruzione e formazione

In 1987 he graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Verona
In 1987 qualification and registration in the Professional Register of Verona
In 1987 he enrolled in the School of Specialization in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Verona directed by prof. Gianfranco Pistolesi
From 1987 to 1991 full-time attendance at the Institute of Radiology, including holiday and night-time on-call services. In particular service in the mammography and CT sections. Publication of scientific works.
From 1989 to 1991 three-year scholarship from the Veneto region.


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