Physical therapy gym

MediClinic’s gym is equipped with the most modern Technogym medical equipment that helps develop a musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and motor rehabilitation path. Physical therapy specialists assist patients and athletes in following customized programs developed by the facility’s professionals. All the machines are suitable for rehabilitation and actual training and are designed to be used both by non-disabled and disabled patients who need to start a physical therapy plan or want to train for sporting purposes.

The equipment available

MediClinic’s physical therapy gym consists of a series of technological excellences that allow the patient to bring rehabilitation to a higher level of effectiveness, by monitoring and objectively evaluating the progress of the rehabilitation program, allowing the therapist to adjust the therapeutic plan in real time. The equipment also allows the production of documentation related to the training sessions, helping the physical therapist and the user to better manage the program.


Isomove, TecnoBody’s isokinetic machine, allows users to perform isokinetic strength tests to determine if an athlete has recovered and if he or she can then resume his or her normal physical activity. The same machine also allows the physical therapist to plan the reeducation path, with exercises aimed at strengthening the flexor and extensor muscles of the legs, for example status post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery, knee prostheses or other injuries determining hypotrophy or hypotonia of the flexors and extensor muscles of the legs.


Pedoscan proprioceptive platform allows the user to perform any type of proprioceptive work: bearing weight on both or a single leg, and, with the help of a special chair, also in the seating posture. With this highly specialized TecnoBody machine, the type of load to which the patient is subjected can be precisely determined (from 5% of the body weight, up to 100%).

Walker view

MediClinic gym is also equipped with the TecnoBody Walker View treadmill, provided with anti-brachial supports to allow patients using crutches to start walking and to engage them in the recovery of autonomous motor functions. Walker view also allows users to experience different routes in a realistic way. In fact, the platform oscillates and tilts to follow the course of the terrain as in a real outdoor walk / run, with some famous routes just a click away: for example, selecting the New York Marathon, thanks to the dynamic platform, it is possible to “feel” the road and the changes in inclination just as if the user was walking the great classic route live.


The gym is also equipped with Kinesis Technogym isotonic machines that allow users to perform any type of muscle strengthening exercise. The Kinesis system, thanks to the use of adjustable knobs, adapts to the characteristics of each person. These tools, therefore, allow the user to calibrate the muscle and joint workout without the constraints of movement to which users are normally subjected when using traditional tools. The result is a more effective and faster physical therapy path, avoiding compromising other muscle or joint districts during the workout.

Why choose MediClinic?

MediClinic’s physical therapist team can offer any type of exercise for muscle strengthening. All patients in the facility are followed by a physical therapist in the execution of personalized activities, based on the conditions, physical constitution and objectives that the person wants to achieve. The available equipment is able to adequately support athletes, not only in terms of rehabilitation, but also considering the improvement of sports performance, through a specific strengthening work. The gym also contains three stations with exercise bikes, a treadmill and a glidex for aerobic activity. All these features make MediClinic’s gym an excellent place for rehabilitation and training.

Finally, the paper training card disappears to make room for the Gym MC, an advanced digital training system. With the aid of the MediClinic bracelet, each patient can find his/her session divided by exercises in the appropriate totem, each one accompanied by videos and/or images that show the correct execution of each exercise. The exercises are transferable to the user’s personal device by scanning a QR Code, allowing each patient to have the training card with them throughout the training session.

Physical therapy gym